Magento Extensions - free development license

Magento Extensions – free development license

We are offering development license to proven Magento developers that are interested in using our extensions on their current and future projects.

As developers you will have chance to install and test our extensions with minimum use of time and resources. Since all our extensions are built as open source (except license file) you can easily modify them according to project needs and later just add license. License is located in separate file so nothing of your custom work will be overwritten or lost. Once you get familiar how extensions work and have them installed on few projects you can start using same setup for next projects with minimal changes. Savings in time will be huge and will allow you to more effectively work on your projects.

License is created for Magento installation domain and allows you to use the extension on all the domains of that Magento instance.
Technical support is available on same level as it is for regular customers. On top of that all once you start using our extensions on regular base we will send you promo code that will give you 25% discount. Once you join our development program you will get chance to participate in other activities such are compatibility work, custom development, access to latest versions and insight in our forthcoming products.

Offer is available to companies that have experience with Magento, have appropriate development server and suitable portfolio. If you already bought some of our products you can name them too, it will be considered as bonus. All development license requests are subject of approval and we reserved rights to change this offer.

For more info about this offer please contact us on our mail: with subject ‘Request for Promo License’.

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