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Magento® extensions developed by ExtensionsMall feature a large scope of functionalities needed for a successful web store. We offer you great Magento® plugins, as well as full support for each of them. All our extensions are also available on MagentoConnect website. Please feel free to browse our Developer Profile on Magento® Connect and see all our Extensions for Magento® By ExtensionsMall and the reviews of our extensions left by our Customers.

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  • MageFence

    5 Review(s)
    Keep your online store safe from hackers, malware and other digital threats! Protect what you have worked hard to create with MageFence - complete Magento® security module. MageFence offers a number of features that act as a surveillance system, a security alarm or a hack-proof lock for your online store and allow you to be in total control.
    Protect your business from brute-force attacks, data sniffing and unauthorized logins. By purchasing MageFence security module you will get Two-Step Verification plugin for FREE! Get a complete security package for your store! Learn More

  • Color Swatch v5

    237 Review(s)
    Color Swatch is an extension for configurable products that helps you present a product in all its variations – different colors, sizes, patterns and many more. It is easy to install and integrate; it does not require you to write a single code or to install any additional script or plugin. Color Swatch extension shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products and you can use it for all the attributes of configurable products. It now comes with more useful features than ever to make the customer experience even more engaging. Want to WOW your customers? Take a look at the amazing Color Swatch 360 extension - Color Swatch combined with Magic Zoom Plus and Magic 360. Learn More

  • Better Price

    Do you have a hard time balancing between the requests of your distributors or manufacturers and the desires of your customers while maintaining profit? Would you like to offer special discounts for the selected groups of customers, but reseller agreements and MAP policy do not leave you much room to build the effective pricing strategy?

    Better Price is Magento® extension that allows you to sell products in your store at flexible prices. It gives you a very convenient way to offer lower cost for the selected items, and sell at any price you want.

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  • Wholesale Add To Cart Grid

    Wholesale Add to Cart Grid is an ideal solution for wholesalers and B2B e-commerce companies, as well as retailers who want to make buying more variations of a configurable product easier for the customers. It displays all the attribute options of a configurable products in the user-friendly table and allows customers to order multiple products with just a few clicks. Wholesale Add to Cart Grid is a useful plugin for fashion and apparel stores, office supplies and stationary distributors, shops selling car parts, hardware, electronics or any kind of wholesale products that get purchased in large quantities. Wholesale Add to Cart Grid module works only with configurable product type. Learn More

  • Color Swatch 360

    Color Swatch 360 is a complete solution for displaying your products in Magento powered online store. It combines features of several top-quality extensions. With Magic Zoom and Magic 360 included, Color Swatch 360 allows you to showcase your products with stylish spin, zoom & full-screen effects. This extension helps you present a configurable product in all its variations – different colors, sizes, patterns and many more. It is easy to install and integrate; it does not require you to write a single code or to install any additional script or plugin.

    Color Swatch 360 package includes:

    Save up to $80 by purchasing this module at ExtensionsMall!

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  • Two - Step Verification

    Protect you Magento® against brute-force attacks, compromised password and unauthorized logins! This module adds another security layer to your Admin Panel with two-factor authentication based on the Google Authenticator application. Besides your user name and password you will need to enter a temporary verification code generated on your smartphone to authorize your account. In this way your account will be secure even if someone gets a hold of your password.

    This module comes free with our MageFence Security Extension.

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  • Product Personalization

    3 Review(s)
    Product personalization is a valuable tool for stores that sell customized items. This module allows your customers to tailor the product they’re purchasing to their needs by selecting preferred option, entering text or even by uploading a file. It also makes it easy for you to gather all the information needed and to better understand your customers’ wants. Learn More

  • Advanced Search Autocomplete and Suggest

    2 Review(s)
    Advanced Search Autocomplete extension will visually enhance Magento® default search form and upgrade functionality with AJAX based search and suggest content delivery feature. Show suggested terms and help your customers in search through your store. Show suggested products including product image, title, description and other attributes. Allow your customers to buy products directly from search bar and increase your store conversion rate. Learn More

  • Product File Attachments

    9 Review(s)
    Product File Attachment helps you to easily add downloadable files to your items, whether you would like to convince customers that they are buying the right product and boost conversion rate or offer full customer support for the buyers, this extension will make it simple for you. Add PDF files with tech specifications, videos of your product in action, brochures, leaflets, product manuals or any other files needed for your product. Learn More

  • Custom Option Swatch

    14 Review(s)

    Custom Options Swatch (Color Swatch for Simple Products) is a very useful extension for your online store that allows you to assign any custom option you want to any of your products. This saves you time and makes managing your products much easier, because you don't have to add these options and values manually for each product. The custom options are displayed as clickable thumbnails instead of Magento's default selection form, which makes your store enjoyable to explore. It works perfectly in combination with our Color Swatch extension, and requires no additional plugins.

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