Color Swatch 360

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Color Swatch 360 is a complete solution for displaying your products in Magento powered online store. It combines features of several top-quality extensions. With Magic Zoom and Magic 360 included, Color Swatch 360 allows you to showcase your products with stylish spin, zoom & full-screen effects. This extension helps you present a configurable product in all its variations – different colors, sizes, patterns and many more. It is easy to install and integrate; it does not require you to write a single code or to install any additional script or plugin.

Color Swatch 360 package includes:

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Key Features

  • Magic Zoom for Magento
  • Luxury is in The Details

    Ensure customers in quality of your products by giving them a clear, crisp, detailed view. Magic Zoom Plus feature not only zooms in on every little detail, but highlights it as well, giving your customers an unmatched shopping experience. Must-have feature for online retailers selling clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, watches, paper stationary, hand-crafted items and many more. With two gorgeous effects: zoom on hover and enlarge on click you will wow your customers and blow away your competition.

    Magic Zoom Plus

    • Fast and sophisticated - works smoothly on all screen sizes.
    • Stunning high-resolutions retina-ready images.
    • Fully customizable.
    • Integrated with Color Swatch - customers can see all product options close-up.
  • Bring Product Images To Life

    Make your product irresistible by spinning them round to show them from all angles in 360 degrees. This feature uses a series of photos taken at different angles and transforms them into amazing interactive, life-like objects. That is the "wow" factor that boosts sales and conversion rate.

    The Next Best Thing to an In-Store Experience

    360 degree spin is the best of the dynamic imaging technology. This amazing effect in combination with Zoom and all the features of the Color Swatch module plays a huge role in improving overall customer satisfaction. Giving your customers a 3D experience of viewing your products provides all the visual information and the additional confidence they need complete a purchase.

    Full Screen 360 Spin

    • 360 spin, magnify and full-screen effects.
    • Option to spin your products in all directions - left/right and up/down.
    • Easily upload images from backend.
    • Works great on mobile devices.
    • Great number of customization options.
  • 360 view extension for Magento

    How Can You Make Your Store Look "Wow"?

    See the Color Swatch 360 effects in action.

  • Swatch extension for Magento with Zoom
  • Present Your Products Like a High-End Brand

    Along with gorgeous Magic effects, Color Swatch 360 offers all the amazing features of the Color Swatch extension. Everything you need for showcasing you products in a visually stunning way and give you customers an unmatched shopping experience is in this module.

    All Features of Color Swatch

    • Displays your product options as swatches.
    • Changes main image and more view images so customers can see all variations of a product.
    • Built-in custom stock status feature.
    • Different images for default, active and disabled state of the product option.
    • Pop-up box that shows on hover over the swatch with more details about the particular option, or any kind of custom image or text.
    • Displays swatches for options everywhere: product, pages, category pages, layered navigation or even blocks like related, featured or best-selling products.
  • Ultimate Solution For Showcasing Your Items

    Color Swatch 360 is a complete package for product display in Magento stores. This module is equipped with all the features you need to create a hedonistic shopping experience in your store, where shoppers do not only satisfy their needs, but also enjoy the process of shopping.

    Give Your Products The Unique Look and Feel: A great number of customization options allows you to be creative and present your product in a way that helps you to build your brand and grow your business.

    Create Shopping Experience That Inspires Action: Color Swatch 360 gets consumers as close as possible to the physical experience of your products, reassuring them about the quality of your items and giving them confidence to make a purchase

    Make Your Store Enjoyable and Interactive: Shopping online can be just as dynamic, exciting, and emotionally rewarding as in brick-and-mortar stores. Color Swatch 360 allows you to give customers a visual representation of all product options, enhanced with powerful zoom feature to examine every detail and 3D view and spin effects to explore products from every angle.

  • Magento Module For Product Display


Our new Color Swatch 360 combines all features of our previous Swatch extensions, such as Product List and Detail Page Swatches, and also includes some new ones. Besides all the useful features of Color Swatch extension you get Magic Zoom an Magic 360 included.

Present your product to the shoppers in the best possible way by allowing them to see all the necessary information about any of your product options, as well as offering the complete 360° view and amazing Magic zoom feature. You can use Color Swatch extension for any type of attribute (size, manufacturer, etc.) and not just the color. In addition, Color Swatch 360 changes the product images and prices, as well as the more views images depending on the swatch selection.

It can be applied to multiple attributes of a single product and you can upload a different swatch image for each attribute option. You can also set up different swatch images for normal, hover, active and disabled state of attribute options and configure swatch image size via Magento administration. Also, pop up boxes are shown on swatch hover, with additional details of the swatch selection.


Back-end advantages:

  • Manage swatches through Magento administration (no need to use FTP)
  • Upload additional images for 'selected', 'disabled' and 'hover' states
  • Set custom description for every swatch
  • Enable/disable swatches for each product individually

Front-end advantages:

  • Magic Zoom and Magic 360 included
  • Amazing 360 product view.
  • Shows both drop-down select box and color swatches for product options
  • Swatches of the preferred attribute can be shown on Home page or any other block with products
  • Works well with AJAX based modules like quick view, layered navigation and price slider
  • Compatible with large number of Magento themes and 3rd party plugins
  • Built-in 'out of stock' and 'custom stock status' modules. No need to buy separate "Out of stock" extension
  • Update product title, description and attributes


  • Get amazing features from multiple extensions at excellent price
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Enable/disable the use of zoom in the Color Swatch tab
  • Set swatch image height and width
  • Set the number of swatches that appear in product list/grid pages
  • Change the product images as well as the more view images depending on the selected swatch
  • Color swatch is displayed on your category product list pages in both grid and list mode
  • Prices are automatically updated according to the chosen swatch
  • Pop-up boxes that show up on hover with additional details of the swatch selection


  • Compatible with Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • Available on all Magento Products / Product Types
  • Same as Magento Enterprise, this software requires ionCube loader to be installed.