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One of customers' biggest problems when shopping for clothes on the internet is not knowing which size to choose. It a huge letdown to realize that the purchased dress doesn't fit. Size Chart extension is the dressing room for your online store. Allow customers to easily find the right size and avoid unpleasant surprises by allowing them to find their exact dress number just by entering measurements.

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Key Features

  • Easily find the perfect fit

    Shopping in online stores does not give customers the ability to try on clothes before they buy them, which can cause frustrations and returns. With our easy-to-use Size Chart, they just need to enter their measurements and the extension will determine the right size and help them find the perfect fit.

  • Add Size Chart to each product individually

    The problem with dress sizes is that they are often different from one designer to another. Our extension allows you to set the chart for each item individually, so customers can look for the best fit according to their measurements and remove all doubt about which dress to purchase.

  • Made for international buyers

    Measurement units vary between different countries, but Size Chart gives user the choice to enter measurements in centimeters or inches so customers all over the world can find the right fit. It also displays dress number conversion chart between several countries because different sizing systems around the world can be pretty confusing.

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

    About half of the clothes bought online are sent back, mostly because of the poor fit. With every returned item there are also extra shipping and warehouse fees, damaged goods and unhappy customers. With this extension your dress store gives your customers much better shopping experience and cuts down on returns.


Size Chart is a necessary feature for every online clothing store. People love the convenience of shopping for clothes online, but many of them give up because they are not sure which size to choose or they are forced to return the item because it doesn’t fit. With our easy to use dress size extension you will make sure that your customers will always find the perfect fit. This is a handy module for any shop selling dresses for women.

Finding the right fit is easy: customer just needs to enter bust, waist and hips measurements in centimeters or inches and the right size will be displayed for them. Converting Women's clothing sizes between various countries can be confusing. No need to go through complicated comparison tables to find out whether you are S, M, L, XL or 2, 4, 10, 14, or maybe 38, 40, 42, this extension will calculate the number tailored to fit your body.

It comes with already built-in standard measurements and sizes, but you can easily configure them in backend for any product.


  • Finding the right fit is easy: allow customers to find their size just by entering measurements.
  • Increase sales: make determining the right size easy and encourage customers to buy.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: with Size Chart you know that the customers will get exactly what they wanted.
  • Reduce returns: allow customers to make a well informed decision when ordering and slash the return and refund rates.
  • Accommodate customers around the world: the Chart shows dress numbers in US, UK, Australia and Europe.
  • Configure chart for every product individually: easily change dress sizes in backend.


  • Compatible with Magento® CE versions 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.x
  • This software is Open Source and has no special loader requirements.


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