Custom Options and (SCP) Simple Configurable Products

Custom Options and Simple Configurable Products

Simple Configurable Products (in further text – SCP) changes how pricing of configurable products works in Magento. Configurable product’s own price is never used, instead the price used is that of the matching associated product. SCP gives site owners direct control to set the price of every configuration of a product, no need to use price modifiers based on attribute options.

Beside price rules SCP changes product custom options rules, any custom options assigned to Configurable Product will be ignored. However if custom options are assigned directly to the associated simple products instead then they’ll work just fine.

Custom Option Swatch Extension enables the usage of swatch thumbnail images (clickable images) as addition to standard representation of custom options in the form of a check-box, drop down box and multiselect box. Custom Option Swatch fully supports custom ordering of options on a product, price modification, custom SKU and unlimited number of options.

Integration of Custom Option Swatch into store with installed SCP plugin is quite simple, however basic knowledge of Magento is required to implement solution properly.

First step would be to include swatch custom option type, in block that is rendered by SCP AJAX response, by editing XML layout file. After those changes custom option swatches should appear once associated product is selected using drop-down. Next step would be to modify Custom Option Swatch java script, since swatches will be loaded with AJAX we will use ‘onclick’ action to trigger function that will validate selection and update price. To test complete setup create configurable product with simple products, than edit one of assigned products and add swatches as custom options. Open product details page and select simple product with simple options if everything works correctly you should see swatches when custom options are loaded via AJAX (like on scree shots bellow).

Sample configurable product with swatches and text custom options.

Sample configurable product in cart with selected options.

Due popularity of Custom Option Swatch Extension we decided to upgrade it and including new features and creating complete solution. Main addition would be ‘custom option templates’ that will allow store administrator to create presets and load them to multiple products at once, without need to edit products one by one. Also a new importer will be available if case that you need to upload large number of swatches (transfer images via FTP and assign them with CSV file), importer will support add/edit/delete operations.

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