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    MageFenceUltimate Security Extension for Magento

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    Color Swatch v5Extension for Magento

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ExtensionsMall provides Magento extensions that greatly improve presentation of your products in Magento shop


MageFence | Magento Security Extension Safety first! The last thing you want to happen with your Magento store is to get hacked. It is not just that you are losing money but you are losing credibility with your customers. After all, they are leaving their credit cards on your site! MageFence is the first and only Magento extension that constantly scan your site and report any changes to your files or database, so that you can react quickly and prevent damage.

Color Swatch v5

Color Swatch v5 for Magento Far superior compared to Magento's default swatches, our new and greatly improved Color Swatch v5 extension bring more functions just in one Magento add-on. Hover over a swatch and a pop-up box will be displayed with desired image and text. Set the "disabled image" which will be shown when the product is out of stock or set custom "Out of Stock" message. Display swatches in Shop By section and easy filter products by color...

What's new

Extensions Mall News All of our extensions have been rewritten from scratch and improved with the new features. Custom Options Swatch now gives owners of online stores option to set the price of every product configuration without the use of price modifiers. It is also upgraded by custom option templates that allow you to create presets and load them to multiple products at once and a new importer for uploading large number of swatches.

Partnering with Magic Toolbox

Magic Toolbox We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Magic Toolbox in order to provide our customers with the best user experience so far. Our Color Swatch v5 extension now includes Magic Zoom (optional) as a feature and gives you the opportunity to offer your customers amazingly detailed view of your products. Easy integration with Magic 360 create stunning user experience that none can resist...

This extension turned out to be everything that we needed! Works as described, installation instructions are clear and there's also an amazing support team to help you with any question you might have.

The Color Swatch extension has worked great for over a year, and we had one issue when we migrated to a new host. The development team jumped right in, and fixed the issue in no time. Couldn't have asked for better service, sincerely.

Outstanding support. Great product. Developers were easy to work with and happy to make it work for me on my site just the way I needed it for a measly $30 extra in support time. Highly recommended.

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