Wholesale store on Magento platform

Wholesale store on Magento platform

Do you have wholesale store based on Magento platform? Does your customer need to order larger number of products at once?

Our client asked us to modify his Magento store to be more suitable for wholesale. Store was already using Color Swatch extension so we decided to keep it and extend its basic functionalities. Main goal was to allow customers to easily preview available attribute option and easily order multiple products with few clicks. Since it was wholesale store client wanted to display important information’s such are inventory stock, arrival date and price right beside attribute option that presents particular product.



As test product we were using T-shirt (seen on pictures), created as configurable product with two attributes ‘color’ and ‘size’. Customer can select desired ‘color’ (1st attribute option) and available ‘sizes’ will be displayed with additional information’s for each product, according to selected color. For every available ‘size’ of selected color quantity filed will appear, while unavailable one will have arrival date info. Clicking on ‘Add to cart’ button will add all products that have set quantity to shopping cart and reload page allowing customer to continue shopping.



Beside visual enhancement this plug-in provide functionality that will increase your site conversion rate.

  • Active selection: allow customers to see what products  are currently available according to selected attributes;
  • Price and inventory info: customers can check price and inventory stock for every attribute option combination;
  • Stock check: script will check entered quantity for every product and if it is higher than currently available it will lower value to maximum available;  built in validation allow customers to enter only numbers into quantity fields;
  • Total quantity: total quantity filed will be update automatically and will present sum of all entered quantities, this is very important for stores that have discount based on quantity;
  • Staying on page: when customer submit order, products with entered quantity will be add to cart and page will be reloaded allowing customer to continue shopping

Wholesale store requires a different approach from standard store, it must allow customers to easily preview available products and check “in stock” state. Selecting product attribute option with drop-down and entering desired quantity for one product at time is not suitable for this type of store. Many customers will find lack of option to purchase multiple products at time uncomfortable and may choose to buy in other store.

If you are interested in this extension module and have question please contact us on: support@extensionsmall.com

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