Welcome to our blog! - ExtensionsMall Blog

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to ExtensionsMall’s blog!

ExtensionsMall is a a web development company that specializes in on-line presence and e-commerce solutions as well as dynamic database driven web sites. We developed Magento Color Swatch and Magento Color Swatch with ZOOM, and we offer you our assistance as well as technical support to install and use our products. In addition to this, you are free to ask any questions you like at any time.

Magento Color Swatch helps you show different designs, colors and patterns of you products to your customers in the easiest possible way. Magento Color Swatch with ZOOM, aside from already mentioned features, enables an additional option that allows you to show the customers even the tiniest details of your products.

You can like us on facebook Magento Color Swatch on Facebook or follow us on twitter at Magento Color Swatch on Twitter.

This is just the beginning, much more content and useful advices will follow soon!

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