Magento platform and reasons for using it for your web shop

Magento Platform – Reasons for using it for your web shop

Magento platform is perfect for your web shop. People who have worked with other platforms usually prefer Magento platform to any other e-commerce CMS because it is flexible and easy to use without any previous programming knowledge. With each new version managing Magento gets easier. Aside from the innate Magento functionalities, there are over 1800 extensions available on the market to help you have a Magento store you always wanted. To tell the truth, even though Magento platform is quite easily manageable, it requires work and configuring through admin panel. That work, along with installing the extensions and creating custom templates is better to leave to experienced programmers to deal with. Magento web development is one of the things SMDesign can do for you. And here are some other reasons why you should choose Magento platform (and let us make the store of your dreams):


“The default template looks very eye-catching and professional. The smoothness and clean design of magento definitely helps.


Magento commerce is easy to install with additional layouts and magento plugins. Unlike other open source shopping carts magento does not require e-store owners to have prior programming experience. It is undoubtedly simplistic and powerful.


Magento platform offers an unparalleled option of availing more than fifty payment gateways for integration.


Online store owners will be able to manage manifold online stores from a single administrative panel and product catalogue. This feature proffers maximum flexibility as you will be able to manage many e stores saving you precious time and resources.


Providing various discounts and promotional packages at the time of checkout can also largely increase your sales.”


“With the help of Magento development, the ecommerce merchants are provided with flexible stores over different components to their ecommerce website. Moreover, Magento shopping carts are the initial choice of the ecommerce merchants over the nation. Magento carts has powerful backend control panel with flawless functionality. Magento web site development helps in to manage product browsing, payments, manage your catalog, shipping, order management and other SEO marketing facilities.”


“In this cut-throat competition of the online business, your sophisticated and developing business deserves the best. Magento, being robust, scalable, rich in features and user friendly, is totally a new generation PHP based open source e-commerce solution.”


Other than the fact that so many people recommend this platform, Magento has now become even more secure than before. With internet frauds happening all the time, and especially during holidays, the best protection is required and Magento offers just that. They have now added Kount Complete from Kount. The addition of this anti-fraud platform to Magento will further allow fraud protection to be used at the payment bridge for Magento Go.


In addition, for Magento has been launched. More than 110,000 merchants will now be able to offer miles and points from a variety of the world’s top loyalty programs including Alaska Airlines ® Mileage Plan, American Airlines AAdvantage®, Best Buy Reward Zone®, Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns®, HawaiianMiles® and US Airways® Dividend Miles® to their customers as an incentive for purchase and to promote future loyalty.


So, as you may well see, Magento rules. It is the ultimate and unparalleled e-commerce platform.


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