Magento extensions by ExtensionsMall - How can I improve my store by using them?

Magento extensions by ExtensionsMall – How can I improve my store by using them?

The answer is simple – the better your store appearance is, the more customers will decide to buy. With our extensions you can not only improve the appearance of your store but also its functionality. Let us use a few examples to show you how.

Let’s start with examples of Color Swatch. On these two images you can see the Color Swatch with Zoom applied to show different versions of bags and phone accessories. Here you can see two different ways of setting the zoom image (round inside zoom and inside full zoom). If you go to these websites (Avid Labs and Acossi Jeans), you’ll see how the swatch functions – changing more views images on clicking the swatch image.



Here is an example of Custom Option Swatch extension. The entire appearance significantly improves by replacing standard custom option html elements with clickable thumbnails, as you may see (demo).



Magento extensions are something you cannot go without if you own a Magento store. Product List and Detail Page Swatches extension offers you the chance to show the versions of your products as swatches on both product list and detail pages. This is how it looks like (Clark and Mayfield).



Here’s also an example of how Color Swatch looks like when used for size (Julia Janus).



Of course, you can combine our extensions for optimal performance. We recommend combining Product List and Detail Page Swatches, Zoom for Magento and Custom Options Swatch for the fullest effect.

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