Tutorials on Magento design and development

Magento is a platform that offers numerous possibilities for building web sites. Everyone who’s in the business of building web sites is familiar with Magento or is entering this world. This is why it is of outmost importance for web site owners or owners-to-be to get at least acquainted with it.  To make it easier for them to do so, we’ve prepared a list of tutorials we think would be most useful.


Magento Project Guidelines For Designers – This is a collection of guidelines on designing for Magento. It can help you get to know the platform, by walking through each of the aspects you need to consider in your designs. The purpose of this guide is to raise awareness of designing for a specific purpose and technology (Magento), while implementing general best practices for e-commerce design.


Magento’s Global Variable Design Patterns – Explains how you’re supposed to deal with Global Variables.


Magento Installation Cheat Sheet – You might find this article useful if you have installed Magento before as well as if you’re a beginner. You may need to refer to additional sources if you’re a beginner.


Learn Magento – A collection of tutorials that are especially useful to beginners.


Improving the File Cache Backend – The purpose of this post is to spread knowledge about the bolts and gears of the Magento cache system among developers, and to share one method of overcoming some limitations of the file cache storage class.


Magento Tutorials- How to Add, Delete or Manage Products- ExpertMagentoDevelopers.com – This is a video tutorial that will help you manage your products with ease.


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  1. Nice list. Don’t forget, Magento’s own docs is great source to learn Magento. Apart from these, blogs like Magenticians and sites like TutorialsPoint are worth a try.

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