Try our Magento Add on Products – Color Swatches

Try out our Magento Add on Products – Color Swatches

We have developed our Add ons for Magento in order to improve how Magento Products are shown to your customers and improve Magento overall products experience.

Our Magento Add ons include our set of Swatches Extensions for Magento Products and various other plugins that will allow you, as Magento webshop owner ,to better present your Magento products on your webstore.

Premium add ons that we developed include:

You can see how each of our Magento extension enhances the default product functionality of Magento webstore and adds more options for your users.  Color Swatch add on adds click-able color / size / option swatches to your Magento configurable products , while Zoom for Magento Add on adds the zoom for the Magento Products main image. The Video Swatch Add on gives you the option to add videos with images on your Magento Products while Custom Option Swatch Add on allows you to add clickable thumbnail swatches on simple products as well as configurable products on your store.

You can also see our Magento Add ons in action, on a live Magento demo webstore, with real Sample Magento Products.  Feel free to browse our demo Mageno webstore and see all our demo Magento Products in action.

To see our Advaned Search Suggest Magento Add on in action , go to our demo website and type some keywords in the search box, and see how the results are being displayed in a live search.

The Color Swatch Magento Add on demo is also available . Just click on any of the Magento Products in that Magento Category, and you’ll see how our Swatches Add on works and looks.

Zoom Magento Add on Demo Products are available as well. Be sure to check out t he various zoom options available on various Magento Demo Products

And don’t forget to check out our Custom Option Add on for Magento demo products that offer various other options for you to enhance your Magento webstore.

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