Shopper theme with Color Swatch

Shopper theme with Color Swatch

It is quite common to buy theme for Magento store rather than to design custom one. While custom design can bring outstanding visual appearance to your site and make it unique, it will require lot of effort and attentions to properly design and make all pages that one Magento store have. Choice of Magento themes is wide and starts with free templates that offer basic page layout, and goes up to highly customizable responsive themes with backend panel and various embedded extensions.

We noticed that one of the most popular commercial themes is ‘Shopper’ theme that comes with responsive page design, robust administration and built in ‘Cloud Zoom with carousel’ on product details page. Since we received several requests from our clients which bought our Color Swatch extension to help them with integration into ‘Shopper’ theme we decided to write patch. It will enable full compatibility with ’Shopper’ theme right out of box, without any file editing or additional programming. Patch contain code that will handle compatibility with Cloud zoom allowing Color Swatch extension to properly update product ‘main image’ and ‘more views’ section, while keeping zoom and carousel functionalities. All code is placed in one extension file that way ’Shopper’ theme can be updated anytime without any drawbacks or you can easily remove patch and use other version of Color Swatch.

We will update patch regularly to keep track with new versions of Shopper theme. If you have installed ‘Shopper theme’ on your store and decide to add our Color Swatch, just add note in order message and we will send you patch as well.

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