Promo Videos for our Magento Extensions

Promo Videos for our Magento Extensions

To make it easier for our Customers to see what our Extensions for Magento are about, what they do and how they work, we’ve created some Promotional Videos that highlight some of the main features of our Magento Extensions.

Please take a look at our short promo videos for some of our extensions, and see what our extensions could do to improve your Magento Store.

Color Swatch Promo Video covers our Color Swatches Extension Package ( with Magento Zoom and Product List Swatches ) and shows how our Color Swatches Extensions look and work on various Magento Stores.

Video Swatch Promo Video covers our Video Swatch Extension ( modification of our Color Swatch Extension, developed due to a very high demand from our Clients ) shows our Video Swatch Extensions main features on both public and admin side of the Magento Store.

Product Personalization Promo Video shows our Product Personalization Extensions most commonly used features and usage on various Magento Stores, as well as admin reporting.


We hope that these promo videos will make it easier for you to see what our extensions are about, and help you decide which of our Magento Extensions will fit best on your Magento Store. If you happen to have any questions regarding our extensions, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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