Product File Attachments Tutorial - Handling Product Files Attachments

Product File Attachments Tutorial – Handling Product Files Attachments

2. Handling Product Files Attachments

After successful installation of Magento Product Files Attachments extension go to “Catalog >> Manage Products” and click on the product that you wish to edit. In side menu you will notice new tab called ‘Documents’.

To add documents related to a product, click Browse Files and select the desired documents, then click Upload Files. Extension support upload of multiple files at once, you can select all files that you wish to upload at once. Supported file types are: txt, doc, docx and pdf (if you need additional file types please contact us).


For each uploaded document in the admin, you can setup:

  • Label, will be used as document title for download link on product details page
  • Description, to give additional information’s about document
  • Sort Order, will determine the order in which the documents are displayed in the Documents section on product details page
  • Document Permission, you can limit access for documents only to registered users or leave them free for all site visitors

Link field in administration is created automatically according to document type, clicking on it will download current document file.

To remove document select ‘remove’ checkbox and hit ‘Save’ button, document file will be deleted and entry will be erased. There is no way to undo this action so please be cautions when deleteing documents.


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