Product File Attachments - New Magento Extension from ExtensionsMall

Product File Attachments – New Magento Extension from ExtensionsMall

Product File Attachment Magento Extension by ExtensionsMall

A lot of Magento Web Store Owners that we’ve been in contact with mentioned that they found themselves quite often in a  situation where they need to provide webstore users with additional info regarding the product that they’re browsing. That additional info sometimes came in form of a PDF or a word document of sorts, which accompanies the product in question. Needless to say, Web Store Owners looked for something that would allow them to complete this task on their Magento Store with ease, and that would allow them easy administration of the product documents in question.

With all that in mind, we started looking into what would be the best way to get this desired functionality on a regular Magento website and started developing Product File Attachments Magento Extension. The development and testing process has now been completed, and we’re proud to present the latest of our Extensions for Magento – the Product File Attachments Extension.

The focus of the extension is put on allowing the Magento Store Owners easy administration of the task. The extension adds another tab on your regular Edit Product Magento page, where you can upload multiple files and attach them to that product with ease.

Product File Attachment - Magento Admin - Uploading Attachments

Then you have the option of adding a label and a description to each of the files attached, as well as setting order in which the files will be displayed. We are also proud to mention that we invested extra time while developing this part of the extension to make sure that the extension supports Magento’s multi language and multi store functionality, so that you can upload different file attachments to the same product, in different languages, or on different stores.

Once you’ve attached the files to your product, they will show up on the Product details page of your Magento Store as a separate tab, which will make it easier for you / your designer to apply the styles and layout of your Magento theme to a new page area.
Our Product File Atachments Magento Extension is also available on Magento Connect website, so be sure to take a look if you’d like some additional info, or if you’d like to go through the reviews left by our other Customers, regarding our Magento Services and Magento Extensions.

Product File Attachment - Attached Files on Product Details Page

As with all our Magento Extensions, the Product File Attachments Magento Extension comes with it’s own Product File Attachments Tutorial Document, available on our website in the Documents & Tutorials section.

You can purchase our Product File Attachments Magento Extension directly from our website. If you happen to have any additional questions regarding this or any other Magento Extension that we offer, please feel free to contact our support team.

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