Product File Attachments with groups and interagtion into tabs view

Product File Attachments with groups and interagtion into tabs view

Product File Attachments module allows you to easily manage various product documents. Administration section is quite simple but offer more than enough options to properly describe attached documents. One of things that was lacking was possibility to group documents and display them in such order on Product details page. There fore we added such feature, but wished to keep things simple so instead categories and another section we added one more filed where group ID will be written. All documents with same group ID will present as one group on front end, while template is open for editing and easy adjustable.

Another frequent request with this module is option to integrate it into design of currently popular themes like Ultimo or Shopper. Since all those themes have tabs on product details page it is quite logical to add one more tab and set documents to appear there.To do that open theme layout file (it should be catalog.xml) find part where tabs are generated and add new tab. Product documents block data can be found in plugin layout file: appdesignfrontenddefaultdefaultlayoutproduct_documents.xml

New code should be something like this:

<action method=”addTab” translate=”title” module=”product_documents”><alias>documents</alias><title>Product documents</title><block>product_documents/documents</block><template>product_documents/documents.phtml</template></action>

and result on front end should be:

Product File Attachments with tabs

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