Moving to a New Domain

Moving to a new domain

Since our company continues developing and expanding the scope of services and products, it is time to move to a new address. The quality of our work remains the same, unaffected by the moving, while the number of services and products we provide grows, offering you a much wider choice.

The name of our new website is ExtensionsMall. Although you’ll find that the design and web site organization changed, all of our extensions and services are still available, now under the following names:

Color Swatch

Zoom for Magento

Color Swatch & Zoom

Prod. List & Detail Page Swatches

Prod. List & Detail Page Swatches with Zoom

All of our services concerning Magento are also still available:

– Magento design – Our team of experienced experts will create a unique design according to the type of your business. It will be nothing short of outstanding.

– Magento development (customization) – As it is highly likely that you will need to get Magento customized according to your needs, the best thing you can do is to turn to us for implementing each and every custom functionality your store needs.

For all your needs concerning Magento, ExtensionsMall is the right company to choose, because every project we work on is the top priority project for the programmer to whom it was assigned, which ensures his undivided attention and outstanding work results.

2 thoughts on “Moving to a new domain”

  1. Hi. I bought the ColorSwatch from you and i notice that is nat working on may domain. While i´m working on the page, it´s a different workindomain. The ordinary page is jasmines but now it´s jasmines because it is in the severer and on building fas.. What to do?

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