Making sure you Magento Cron is working properly

Making sure you Magento Cron is working properly

Every Magento webstore relies on cron job to do some of the work. There are numerous parts of Magento that depend on the Magento cron setup, so that everything on your store will function as it should.


A lot of what’s Magento doing in the background is dependent and relies only on proper cron job setup. From sending out newsletters and applying various discount rules, to the system maintenance – cleaning up the log files and refreshing the cache. You need this working on your server in order to make sure that your store will continue to work as it should.


Without the cron jobs to clear up the logs and the cache, your database will grow in size at very high rate, which will over time slow down your Magento webstore.


There are various guides for setting up the Magento cron job, and most hosting companies allow you to do this via control panel. Depending on your server configuration, setting up a cron job should be a 5 minute process.


Once you’ve got that set up, and your server is running cron jobs properly, you should make sure that your Magento webstore is executing them properly. Unfortunately, there’s no way to make sure that everything is working as it should on a default Magento installation.


To make sure that your Magento cron jobs are working as they should you should install AOE Scheduler Magento Extension. It’s available on Magento Connect, as well as on the author’s website and github. If you want the latest version, don’t use Magento Connect.


AOE Scheduler allows you to see if the cron is configured properly on your web server and it also gives you the ability to run and schedule Magento cron jobs manually, as well as the options to manually enable/disable certain Magento cron job.

Keep your Magento Webstore fast: use only the best Magento Addons and Extensions on your Magento Webstore and make sure your Magento cron jobs are working!

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