Magic360 with Color Swatch Extension

Magic360 with Color Swatch Extension

“The Magic360™ viewer rotates products using a sequence of photos. The user instinctively knows how to interact with the image and spin it. It feels smooth and works in all major browsers. This 360 degree spin software uses JavaScript, so it works on any website, on any browser including iPad, iPhone, Android devices.
360 degree spin to rotate products is regarded as the next leap forward in online retailing. If you need to increase your online sales, 360 rotation is one of the most powerful technologies available. The Magic 360™ viewer makes it accessible to you.”
Source MagicToolBox site

Among great extensions that MagicToolbox company offers we found their 360Magic particularly interesting and were eager to test it with our best selling Color Swatch extension. Both extensions are written as fully editable so work on compatibility patch was smooth and pretty straightforward.
We decided to keep 360Magic files intact and do all modifications in our extension files. We wanted to be sure that update of 360Magic extension will pass without issues and that changes will be saved. Update of Color Swatch is also possible since all compatibility code is put in two files and can be easily transferred into new version of Color Swatch.
On pictures you can preview how both extensions work together, for all additional information please contact us on



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