Magento or Wordpress – Why not both?

Magento or WordPress – Why not both?

We have had a lot of our Clients mentioning that they do love the Magento functionality, look and feel and are very very happy with their choice of e-commerce platform for their web store, but they also want to have their blog up and running too. Tough there are quite a few Magento Add ons that will do the trick, we all know what’s been powering the web blogs for all these years… Yes, you are right, WordPress is behind most of the websites on the web right now, and it seems that’s not about to change any time soon. Especially since now, using some of these great Magento Addons you can seamlessly install, run and integrate your WordPress within your Magento web store.

The people’s choice, regarding the Magento extensions that allow this integration, seems to go to FishPig’s Magento WordPress Integration extension, which is available on FishPig’s Magento Connect page.
If you are considering adding WordPress to your Magento store, we’d recommend that you start with their extension and see what else is available that will suit your needs.

When running WordPress, one of the plugins that we found a “must have” is bit51’s Better WP Security. It’s such a great WordPress Security plugin that helps you secure your blog, and put your mind at ease. Be sure to try it out on your WordPress install, you’ll be surprised at everything that’s going on when you look at your logs.

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