SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for a Magento Site

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a Magento Website

It is said that the Magento platform is one of the most SEO friendly ones. But that goes only if you know what you’re doing.

Starting from the URLs, it is recommendable that you turn off the Add Store Code to Urls function. This way your URLs become more search engine friendly. It’s important that even your URLs contain as much specific content as possible, because, especially lately, search engines are starting to pay more attention to the URLs than before.

In Magento, the default page title is Magento Commerce. You will need to change this as well. Go to script admin area ->System -> Configuration -> Design -> HTML Head. Enter the one chosen in the Default Title field. It will be used for non-content pages without custom title. If you want your web store name to appear in all pages’ titles put it in the Title Suffix field, but this is not recommendable. Put your most important keywords as close as possible to the beginning of the title because that’s the first and probably the only part search engines as well as customers will take into consideration. Keep the “Default Description” and “Default Keywords” empty. “Default Robots” should be set to “INDEX, FOLLOW” for everything but a non-production environment.

Once you’ve given each CMS page a good content, pick a SEF URL Identifier and page title for each of them, and go to the Meta Data tab to write a description for each CMS page that you want to be ranked. But make sure you write your own descriptions with targeted keywords, because if you do that automatically with a tool, it’s basically the same as allowing Google to put any snippet it likes from the site.

These are just pure basics. Optimization should be applied to categories, products pages and templates. Templates are a field of their own, being important for the optimization as they are. Pick your keywords wisely and stay away from the black hat SEO which can only bring you search engine bans. If you need a complete SEO optimization as well as any improvements of your Magento store, feel free to contact us . Good luck!

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