Magento Forum - A Necessity in Learning Magento

Magento Forum – a necessity in learning Magento

If you are an owner of a Magento website, or perhaps a web developer working with this CMS, or a designer, or… Well, whatever it is that you do that includes Magento, you need a  Magento forum where you can ask other members of the community to help you when some issues come along. This is why we give you this list. The most famous Magento forum. A large Magento community is ready to help you at any moment. The additional advantage is the existence of numerous international forums for many countries, and it’s always easier to explain a problem in your mother tongue. These international forums are in widely used.

“Unsurprisingly, the German forum is the busiest one with over 20,000 posts (topics + replies) with the French one way behind in 2nd place (some 7,500 posts). Then there are Italian, Brazilian and Russian forums completing the top 5 international forums by sheer volume. This somehow makes sense since most developers from Austria and Switzerland probably also went to German forum with some Swiss developers joining in the French and Italian discussions as well.”- taken from An unofficial but useful Magento forum that provides easy topic arrangement, since the forum is divided into following categories: Welcome- for new forum users to present themselves to the community, Magento Users, Magento Designers, Magento Developers, Magento Hosting/Server Admin, Magento SEO, Magento Site Review. This is a forum that has a different organization in terms of topics when compared to the previous two, and there exist the following categories: Welcome-a topic used for the member introduction, Ask Magento Questions Here, How to: Tutorials/Tips, HTML, XML, HTML, CSS and Design Questions, Programming Help, Installation Issues, Magento Extensions, Magento Extensions, Magento Jobs, Magento Showroom.


Here are a few other international forums: – Dutch Magento forum – Russian Magento forum – Spanish Magento forum


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