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Why people love Magento

“Why do I love Magento? From a design standpoint… you can literally skin this baby anyway you wish. The Design is TRULY separate from the code. So CSS fanatics dig in … The team behind Magento has put a lot of time into developing a smart, savvy system that can deliver results amongst a variety of e-commerce stores. Multiple language support, Multiple stores, Smart browsing via layered navigation, RSS product feeds, tagging and reviewing products, comparing products, product wishlists…. even Product Image Zoom is standard right out of the box. Impressive? Trust me there’s more once you pop the hood.”

A post from NickL’s blog – ibuildstuff (http://ibuildstuff.wordpress.com/) taken from http://www.magentocommerce.com/blog/comments/why-magento-kicks-e-commerce-ass-and-why-i-love-it/

“Application: Free and open source Magento allows to create a shop with functionality that only very expensive rivals get close to. Outstanding flexibility to add functionality and upgrade extensions without hacking core code. Amazing design out of the box, great SEO features, remote API, etc.

Community: Active and loyal community that is eager to help each other. Tons of free and commercial extensions, covering most eCommerce needs.

Team: Continuous active development.

Additional indirect benefits: Raising standards for developers and hosting providers. Shows very clearly who’s serious and who’s just trying to wiggle their way through.”

By unirgy at http://amplicate.com/love/magento/880551-application-free-and-open-source-magento-allows/

“The best part about Magento is that it’s free/open-source. The support community is knowledgeable and they’ve been a reliable source of solutions. The Admin Panel is comprehensive, managing orders and customers has never been easier, and with the help of readily available modules, I can easily integrate the cart with external systems.

Frontend javascript is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly URLs look clean, and the One-Page Checkout is neat. All in all it’s a solid system, no hacks or spaghetti code.

I see Magento being the leading shopping-cart platform on the web in the very near future.”

By Antonio at http://www.redstage.com/2010/03/03/why-do-you-love-magento/

You had the chance to read some of the opinions of people who know and use Magento. As we all know, Magento is currently the best and the most popular ecommerce platform, and for a good reason this is so. So if you want an ecommerce store, Magento is the best option you may possibly have.

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