Improve Magento Sales With Better Search Results

Improve Magento Sales With Better Search Results

While Magento platform offer various options to classify, sort and present your products, search feature was always provided with basic functionalities. Magento search will allow customer type all or part of the name of a product, or its attributes, in order to find it. While search results are correct and useful, search process itself was simple and don’t offer any assistance to customers (in latest versions there is AJAX auto-complete feature).


Magento default search form

It is quite common that customers make spelling and typo mistakes when they search products by name or search term is not on their native language. If search results were not what customer expected or there are no results at all, there is good chance that customer will leave your site. Only small number of customers will repeat search with another term after unsuccessful search. Good number of them will leave site with impression that searched product is not available in your store and will not come back.


Advanced Search Suggests offering suggest terms 

Advanced Search Suggests extension is designed to help your customers to easier find products that they are looking for and lower number of ‘missed’ searches. ‘Suggested Terms’ section will offer similar search terms with real time highlight feature, allowing customers to check what terms are available and number of products per term. This will make search trough store easier for customers and will offer them more precise results, which will lead to increased availability of products.


Advanced Search Suggests offering suggest terms and suggested products

Suggested products are another part of Advanced Search Suggests extension that will help you to increase your store sale even further. It will offer preview of suggested product with selected product information’s (title, description, image, and price) and option to buy product directly from search form. Customers can preview suggested products without leaving current page, while ordering of products from search bar is available for all products that don’t require additional selection, for such attributes instead ‘Add to cart’ button link to product details page will be displayed. Demo of our Advanced Search Suggests extension can be previewed here and for all additional questions you can contact us on:

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