How to increase sales in your Magento shop?

Ok, so you made a Magento site (or had it made for you), installed all the necessary extensions, arranged your products, launched it, and now what? How to attract customers and increase sales, how to make yourself stand out from all the other web shops?

First of all you need to realize that the marketing rules have changed. It is not enough to pay for ads, do SEO, sit back and wait. You have to engage and make a brand out of your store.

First and most important of all, you need to have quality content. Now, we know this is something everyone recommends, but you have to see it from another angle. It’s not that you need to feed search engines with fresh content. The point is your customers need quality content to decide that you are the right person to buy what they need from. Customers mostly do research and comparison before buying anything. If you provide useful information about the products you provide or your services, or how they can be used, it is more likely the customers will choose you.

To increase sales, sometimes you have to leave customers decide for themselves without boring them with advertisements. You should instead provide registration possibility, newsletter subscriptions or files for downloading. By having subscribers, you get the opportunity to inform them about new products and achieve a large number of returning visitors, which will ultimately buy from you.

The second thing is that you must provide an easy navigation and checkout process. If your customer has difficult time finding his way round, he will abandon your site. Everything must be arranged in a logical way, the simplest one possible. Chopping carts must be free of bugs, and you have to eliminate all possible problems that may arise from a complicated checkout process or a faulty transaction gateway. Slow page load may also cause customers abandoning purchase. Also, for every keyword you use to optimize your website, it is recommendable that you have an appropriate landing page. For example, if your keyword is spaghetti, people who find your site through this query should land on spaghetti page and not on the home page.

Other things you can use are customer reviews and testimonials. These help you build trust and the more customers give you a good mark, the more new customers will buy from you. You can also bundle your products, that is, show related products as suggestions. Spaghetti products go well with spaghetti sauce, don’t you think?

Social media marketing is an inevitable part of your campaign. Find tutorials, and use social media the best way possible. Make profiles, share relevant content, have competitions, make your pages fun and the customers will see you as an essential part of their lives.

Be the best you can be, and the customers will recognize your quality and repay it with their trust.

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