How to choose Color Swatch

How to choose Color Swatch

One of frequently asked questions from our customers is how to choose most suitable Color Swatch extension? First and most important thing is structure of products in your Magento store and should be starting point for our research.


Simple products

If your store is based on large numbers of simple products that use custom options to present product variations than extension that you should consider is: Custom Options Swatch. Custom Option Swatch Extension is an extension for Magento designed to enable the usage of swatch thumbnail images (clickable images) instead of the standard representation of custom options in the form of a checkbox, drop down box and multiselect box.


Configurable products

If your store is based on configurable products that use attributes and attribute options to present product variations than extension that you should check is: Color Swatch. Color Swatch is an extension for configurable products which can show to your customers how a product looks like in different colors, patterns or designs and it works with all types of attributes.

It is possible to combine those two extensions when configurable product have custom options as addition to attributes options, example of this you can preview on our demo server:


Color Swatch options

Color Swatch extension can be upgraded with Zoom and Product List Swatches features. If your theme already have some of common Zoom extension there is good chance Color Swatch is compatible with it (please check for list on product page). If that is not case our Zoom script is safe pick that is fully compatible with Color Swatch and will work right from box. Product List Swatches plug-in will allow you to select the product options and see the live preview image of the product directly on your product list page, so it is nice addition if you don’t have ‘Quick View’ extensions installed.

We hope that this article will help you to choose best extension for your site, if you still have any doubts you can contact us via ‘Customers Service’ chat on our site or via mail and we will help you.

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