Heard About Google Plus?

Heard about Google Plus?

Of course you did. Since Google and Facebook are constantly competing it’s no wonder Google keeps trying to develop a social network that could match Facebook or even surpass it. And there came Google plus.

Right now, since it is still in a testing phase, it is somewhat hard to get the invitation for it. But Google plus has a promising future. Many people complain that they use different social networks in order to keep in touch with different groups of people. They would like to have the opportunity to determine who will be able to see which updates and therefore be able to have only one profile instead of four or five on different networks and Google plus enables it with its circles.

So I would like to mention to everyone that Google plus will be an excellent opportunity for promoting your Magento sites as well as other kinds of web sites by including your clients and potential clients into certain circles. It’s good to give it a try as soon as you get an opportunity. If it surpasses Facebook it will significantly help your business. If not, it’s another way for people to find you.

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