Fashion Theme Tutorial - Installation Instructions

Fashion Theme Tutorial – Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

1. Log in to your Magento admin panel and go to System -> Cache Management. Disable Magento cache.

2. Go to System -> Manage Stores. Click to edit your main Store, and hit save.

3. Unpack the theme file on your local system and upload it to the root folder of your Magento.

4. Go back to your Magento admin panel, and go to System -> Configuration.

5. Click on the Design option in the General section of the left submenu. Once the page loads, click to open the Package box. Under the Current Package Name option in the Package box, it should say “smdtheme”. This means that the theme was installed successfully and that your Magento platform is using the theme.

6. In the left menu under General there should be a new option called “SMDesign Theme Options”. Click on that option to edit theme settings (if you get a 404 page after clicking on the option from the left submenu, just log out of Magento admin panel and log back in). Once the page loads, you should be able to see two boxes labeled “Product list page options” and “Toolbars”.

  • In the “Products list page options” you can enter how many products you wish to display in the grid mode when users browse your products.
  • In the “Toolbars” box you can choose to show or hide Magento’s default listing options “Sort Products By” and “Show Products per Page”.

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