Fashion Theme Tutorial - Advanced Settings

Fashion Theme Tutorial – Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

1. To add slide images to your home page slider go to Banner Slider (which should be in the main menu of your Magento’s admin panel) -> Manage Banners.

2. Once the page opens, click on the Add Banner button to add a new banner. To have the banner slide show on your home page, you need at least 2 banners. Recommended image size for banners is 990*460 px. Once you add 2 new banners with a banner image, you should be able to see the banner slide show on the home page of your website.

3. To add a product to the “New arrivals” area of the home page, go to Catalog -> Manage Products and find the product in question. Click on edit to edit the product. Once on the edit product page, on the General tab, you should see the option “Visible on home page slider” near the bottom of the page. Change it to YES to feature this product on the home page New Arrivals area of your website.

4. Our theme creates a few static blocks for you. These static blocks are shown in the footer area of your website. To edit these static blocks go to CMS -> Static Blocks section in your Magento admin panel. Once there, you can edit the content of the static blocks or remove them.

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