ExtensionsMall Zoom Tutorial - Settings Explained

ExtensionsMall Zoom Tutorial – Settings Explained

Configuration Options for SMDZoom extension

Main Image Size

In SMDesign Zoom configuration options, you can set the size ( image width , image height ) for your main image on product details page.


And your main image will be resized to those dimensions.


More View Images Size and Behaviour

You can also control how more views images are handled on the product details page. Upload some additional images to your product first.


Then go back to the SMDesign Zoom settings and switch on the option for more views images to update main image.


Now, by clicking on the more views images, more view image will be updated.


You can also specify the dimensions for the more view thumbnails.


And more views thumbnails on the product details page will be resized to those dimensions.


Zoom Wrapper Size

You can also specify the wrapper dimensions for the zoom wrapper in SMDesign Zoom settings.


And zoom wrapper will be drawn in those dimensions on product details page.


Zoom Ratio

You can also set the zoom ratio in SMDesign zoom settings page.


You are enabled to modify how much magnification your zoom shows.


Zoom Wrapper Offset

You can also control the positioning of the zoom wrapper my modifying the offset options in SMDesign Zoom settings.


And the zoom wrapper will be positioned accordingly on the product details page.


Zoom Types

There are three types of zoom available with the SMDesign Zoom extension for magento. The default one is the zoom outside where the zoom box appears next to the actual main image. The second zoom type is the zoom inside, where the zoom box gets drawn on top of the main image.


By setting the zoom type to inside, you’ll get this effect on the product details page.


The third zoom type is the inside full, and it works by taking up the whole main image space and showing the magnified part of the image on top of the main image.


Set the zoom type to inside full and you’ll get this effect on the product details page.


Zoom Preloader

You can also decide to switch on or off the “preloader” animation in SMDesign Zoom settings. The “preloader”animation is shown while the web page loads the images.


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