ExtensionsMall Zoom Tutorial - Create Sample Product

ExtensionsMall Zoom Tutorial – Create Sample Product

Create a simple product to test the zoom extension

Go to Catalog > Manage Products page and hit the Add Product button in the upper right part of the page.


On the next page select default attribute set and simple product for product type.


On the next page fill out the required fields according to the type of product you need to create.


Make sure that you upload the main image of the product, and that you thick the radio buttons for base, small and thumbnail image.


Notice that there’s a new tab available called “ColorSwatch”. Activate that tab to get the additional option to enable our SMDesign Zoom plugin for this product.


Now save the product, and go to the front end of your website to view the product details page. Zoom should appear when you hover over the main product image.


If you don’t want the same image to show up in the more view section, go back to your magento administration, edit the product and switch to the image tab, then tick the exclude checkbox.


This is a handy way of not duplicating your main image, and it works great if you don’t want the more view section to show up on your product details page.


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