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Free Magento Extension by ExtensionsMall – Emall Twitter

Continuing with the trend that started in July, where we announced the release of new Extensions for Magento that we developed based on numerous requests from our Clients, we have released another new Extension for Magento – the ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension. And guess what? It’s fully open source and absolutely FREE!

Our ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension will allow you to show the latest tweets from your Twitter channel on your Magento Store.


The focus, when developing this extension, was on allowing you to customize the look and the colors of the extension, as well as the placement of the tweets from your Magento Administration.

Here’s how the twitter feed looks like on Magento’s Default Theme, and how it looks like on a Custom Theme in Magento, all styling done via Magento Admin Options that come with our ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension.

The Admin Options in our Twitter Extension allow you to:

  • Set the twitter feed that you want to show
  • Set a number of tweets that you want to display on your Magento Store
  • Position the twitter box on your Magento Store ( left or right )
  • Set the Twitter Box Top Position Offset
  • Set the width and height of the twitter box
  • Set the background color of the twitter box
  • Set the text color of the twitter box
  • Set the Tweets Background Color
  • Set the Tweets Text Color
  • Set the Tweets Link Color

Here’s how the Admin Options Panel of the ExtensionsMall Twitter look like

As with all our other Extensions for Magento, we do have detailed technical documentation and tutorials available on our website. Please be sure to take a look at the ExtensionsMall Twitter Tutorial Document which explains the usage of our extension in more depth.

You can download the ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension from our website and install it manually , following the installation instructions that are covered in the ExtensionsMall Twitter Tutorial Document, or you can download it directly from Magento Connect, and install it via Magento’s Connect Package Manager.

The ExtensionsMall Twitter Extensions for Magento by ExtensionsMall is also available on Magento Connect, so please be sure to take a look at the Magento Connect page for ExtensionsMall Twitter and get the download code there.

If you have any questions regarding our ExtensionsMall Twitter Extension, please feel free to contact our support team, they’ll b e more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

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