ExtensionsMall - ready for Magento CE 1.8

ExtensionsMall – ready for Magento CE 1.8

In last few weeks we got numerous mails about compatibility of our plugins with latest version of Magento 1.8. Our initial tests on on pre-release version of Magento 1.8 confirmed that our extensions are fully compatible. We preformed all tests once more wit official version and results were same.

Our team preformed tests on clean Magento installation, version CE 1.8 installed with sample data and than ExtensionsMall added one by one. After that we considered another important situation, tests are done on Magento CE 1.7 with sample data and installed ExtensionsMall plugins and than upgraded to 1.8 CE.

Proof of our results were confirmed in form of feedback that we received from our customers that upgraded there store and didn’t reported any issues with ExtensionsMall plugins.

If you have any questions or simply need help with our plugins please contact us on our support mail support@extensionsmall.com.

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