Extended use of Product File Attachments

Extended use of Product File Attachments

Product File Attachments allows you to attach various types of downloadable files to products and display them on product details page. While originally is designed to show manuals, instructions and similar documents, we have large number of request to expand list of supported file types,  special to cover common video formats.

Our clients wanted to allow customers to preview video tutorials and presentations beside regular documents. Beside regular download of video file, more interesting option would be to show video files right on page.  According to video file type there are several possibilities to show videos on front end. One of most suitable and comparability proofed is with using 3rd part video player. Among many that are currently available on market we choose JW player, it offers support for various video formats and comes with java script that handle playing on various browsers and devices.

This extension offers precise product files management and easy customization allows her to be used as universal tool. So far we modified Product File Attachments to work as video library, additional image gallery (gallery of images that were sent by happy customers), Flash Slider tutorials and e-book library.

Here you can read what customers that already have  Product File Attachments extension think of it.

If you have any question about Product File Attachments extension please contact us on support@extensionsmall.com.






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