E-Mall Facebook Extension - Admin Options

E-Mall Facebook Extension – Admin Options


In the Facebook settings options box you can select the following options:


Enable Facebook: This option, if set Yes, will display facebook feed block on front page.


Facebook Page link: This option determines link of facebook page you want to show.


Facebook Container Side: This option determines side where facebook feed block will be positioned, please see frontend screenshot.


Facebook Container Top Position: This option sets facebook container offset from top of the screen.


Facebook Container Width: This option sets facebook container width.


Facebook Container Height: This option sets facebook container height.


Facebook Container Background Color: This option sets facebook container background color, value must be in standard CSS format.


Facebook Theme: This options determines facebook color scheme preset.


Show Faces: This option sets faces of people who follow your facebook page.


Show Data Stream: This option determines if facebook timeline is shown in facebook containter


Show Borders: This option turns on/off borders


Show Header: This option turns on/off header of facebook plugin


Force Wall: for Places, specifies whether the stream contains posts from the Place’s wall or just checking from friends. Default value: false.


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