Custom Options Swatch Tutorial - Additional Settings Explained

Custom Options Swatch Tutorial – Additional Settings Explained

Additional Settings Explained

In the default settings, once you add this product to cart, the selected swatch will also be shown:


If you don’t want to show the selected swatch, go back to your magento administration, to System > Configuration, and hit the Custom Options Swatch from the left submenu. Edit the “Show in Shopping Cart as” value and set it to: “Option Value”.


With these settings your shop cart will look like this:


You can also set the Custom Option Swatch options to be required or not, or change the ordering of the swatches on a product.

To edit the product in question, go to Custom Options Tab and modify the settings for the Custom Option Swatch:


Set the Required option to Yes, and your customers will have to select a custom option before purchasing the product:


You can also re-arrange the order of how the swatches appear, and add price modifiers for certain swatch selections:


Here’s how the swatches look like with the price modifiers:


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