Color Swatch with Ultimento theme

Color Swatch with Ultimento theme

Ultimento is one of the most advanced and sophisticated Magento theme available on market. It is packed with features and offers all around solid for a kick-start on Magento platform. The theme is very fast and very easy with nice responsive design. Customization is available on all levels and allows various changes to be done easily. From basic layout editing up to doing complex things all is done without any issues. Adding new extensions is also easy and in most cases only minor code editing is needed.

Color Swatch is not exception and integration of plug-in into Magento store that have Ultimento theme is quite easy. Since theme comes with built-in ‘Cloud Zoom’ we recommend basic version ‘Color Swatch’ or ‘Color Swatch with Product List Swatches’ extensions as most suitable choice. Of course it is possible to use our SMD Zoom but that is optional in this case.

Product List Swatches’ extension use its own template for product catalog page and will require that some editing. Most editing will be ‘copy & paste’ from theme template into extension template. Once when classes and ID’s of elements are copied we will have exactly same layout as it was with theme template.



‘Color Swatch’ on product details page integrate much easier and there is no need for modification or template editing. Only additional styling of swatches may be required to match theme color scheme but that is easily done in extension CSS file. Color swatch is fully compatible with ‘Cloud Zoom’ (trough patch) and will keep all functionalities including update of product main image and ‘more view’ section.



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