Color Swatch Tutorial - Product List Swatches Options

Color Swatch Tutorial – Product List Swatches Options

Product List Swatches Options

If your Color Swatch package includes Product List swatches, you’ll have the option to show color swatches on your category product list pages in both grid and view mode.



To enable product list swatches, please go to System >> Configuration, then click on the SMD Color Swatch from the left menu.
Once the page loads, open the Product List Settings box:


Set Enable Swatch on product list/grid page to Yes, and enter the number of swatches that you’d like to appear.
Once that’s done, save your configuration. Now all you need to do is to select which products you’d like to have this option on product listings page.
Go to edit the product that you wish to have product list swatches on the product list page, and on the Color Swatch tab you’ll see the option: Show attribute on Product list page. Set it to Yes.


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