Color Swatch Tutorial - Overview & Installation

Color Swatch Tutorial – Overview & Installation


This tutorial document describes the basic requirements of Magento Color Swatch extension and offers a step by step guide for installing and configuring the Magento Color Swatch extension on a Magento website. Step by step guide covers the process of creating a configurable product in Magento administration and configuring the Magneto Color Swatch extension options needed for extension to enhance the configurable product in question.


Magento Color Swatch extension is encoded via ionCube ( ). In order to run the Magento Color Swatch extension, you must have ionCube loader ( ) installed on your web server. For more information about the ionCube loaders, please visit their website or contact your webmaster.


The installation process consists of extracting the plug-in files from the archive somewhere on your local computer or web server (in most cases, we will send you a file that contains the extension files in the needed folder structure) and copying them to the root folder of your magento website.

By default the Color Swatch extension is installed in the Magento’s default package and theme ( /default/default/ ). If you are using a custom package and/or theme on your Magento website, you will have to copy the color swatch files to appropriate folders in your package / theme folder structure.

Once you copy the files, new areas should be available in your Magento administration.


Go to System (1) >> Configuration (2) page, and you’ll see the “SMDesign ColorSwatch(3)” option available, just under the Catalog section in the menu on the left. By opening that section you can now access the settings page for Magento Color Swatch extension(4).


There’s a new area available in your Magento administration once you’ve successfully installed Magento Color Swatch extension.


Go to Catalog (1) >> SMD ColorSwatch (2) to access the “Swatches” page. On this page you’ll be able to upload the swatch images for each of your attribute (3)(4)(5)options.

If you installed the extension in a new Magento installation that has no products but only default attributes, you’ll notice that you don’t have any attribute options available on the “Swatches” page to assign swatch images to. That’s ok, you’ll just have to create attributes that you want to use on your Magento website, and assign attribute options to them.

If you installed the extension on a Magento system that already has products and attributes and attribute sets, chances are you’ll see quite a few attributes on the “Swatches” page where you’ll be able to assign swatch images to each of those attribute options.( Please note that only attributes that are used for creating Magento’s Configurable products will be shown on “Swatches” page, since the Magento Color Swatch extension only works with Magento’s Configurable products.)

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