Color Swatch Tutorial - Creating Attribute

Color Swatch Tutorial – Creating Attribute

Creating Attribute


Go to Catalog (1) >> Manage Attributes (2) page, then click on the Add New Attribute (3) button.


Once on the New Product Attribute page, enter the code for your attribute (2), set the Catalog Input Type for Store Owner to Dropdown (3), set Apply To : All Product Types (4) ( alternatively you can set the Apply To option to Configurable product ) and set the Use to Create Configurable to Yes (5).

Once you’ve entered all the necessary values click Save and Continue Edit button in the upper right corner, or change the tab by clicking on the Manage Labels/ Options tab.


On the Manage Labels/Options tab page, enter the Title for the attribute(1), and enter all the attribute options (2) ( values ) that you want your configurable product(s) to have. Once done, save the attribute.

To effectively use attribute, it’s best to add it to the attribute set. If not, you can’t assign the attribute to a configurable product.

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