Color Swatch and Retina ready themes

Color Swatch and Retina ready themes

retina ready

Following trends and adding new features is one of our main goals in terms of planning and developing extensions for Magento. Since our Color Swatch extension is built to be a visual enhancement to any Magento store, it is crucial for it to be fully compatible with the most popular themes for Magento.

As the number of visitors that use ‘Retina ready’ devices grows, it became very important that the Magento store offers them a proper browsing experience. Most noticeable changes would be the sharpening of product images that looks blurry and pixelated on a regular theme that does not provide support for devices with retina screen. In general, retina ready themes use larger images to provide sharp and crisp look on such devices (the most common method is to use larger images for example 400×400 pixels and scale it via HTML into elements with size of 200×200 pixels).

The Color Swatch module key feature is to update of product main image and related gallery according to the selected attribute options. Basically when customer chooses a product option, configurable images will be replaced with simple product images allowing customer to preview the selected product. While Color Swatch provides the option to set the size for the product image, large image and thumbnails, we have extended that feature to generate images that will be twice the regular size to provide full support for retina ready devices. Performance larger images will only be loaded if the device is really retina ready, otherwise regular size images will be used. It is very important to allow the Color Swatch to always operate in an optimized mode. Same method is used for ‘Color Swatch Product List’ add-on that allows you to display swatches on catalog/list pages and show a preview of the product right away.

To see this in action please check this Magento store using Shopper Retina ready theme along with our Color Swatch plugin:

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