Color Swatch on multi language store

Color Swatch on multi language store

One of Magento’s greatest strengths is its possibility to create multi-language store easily. To find out how to setup multi-store and multi-language retailing store we recommend that you check article from official Magento  knowledge base:

Thing that we found interesting for our Color Swatch plugin is option to show attribute options according to selected store as swatches. Most obvious example of such requirement would be multi-language store that sells clothes. Our test product will consist two attributes ‘color’ and ‘size’ to keep things simple. We want to point fact that clothing in come countries uses approximate size measures, such as XS (Extra Small), S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large), and XL (Extra Large) while in some it is shows actual size of their dimensions in inches.

Question would be  how to upload different ‘size’ swatches for every store ? Answer is simple there is no need to upload swatch thumbnails for size attribute at all. All swatches without uploaded image will use attribute option store label, that way we will have color options represented with swatches while size will be labels that look like swatches. Please check check setup that we created for one of our customers:


If you have more questions or need help to create multi-language store please contact us on our mail:

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