Color Swatch for Simple products

Color Swatch for Simple products


Custom options provide an easy way to offer a selection of product variations to your customer with simple products. They are a good solution if choose to use simple products, where inventory needs are simple and you want to keep number of products on minimum.
Custom options can be presented in many ways, but for some of them it is best to be presented as swatches. This is especially important if you offer variations in color, patterns or design. Use of swatches will allow your customer to better visualize product options that you offer.



Our ‘Custom options swatches’ extension enables the usage of swatch thumbnail images instead standard presentation in the form of a checkbox, drop down box and multiselect box. It fully supports custom ordering of options on a product, price modification, and unlimited number of options. Extension can be easily upgraded to display additional info in hover ‘popup box’ such are larger image, option title and description. Swatches can be additionally styled to achieve higher visual presentation and to fit your theme better. Use of extension doesn’t limit you in any way and product can have mix of other custom options that will not use swatches.


‘Custom options swatches’ extension can be used with all of Magento’s product types and is fully compatible with Color Swatch extension. This is very handy when you have configurable product that beside attribute options, which are ‘required’, have additional custom options that can be optional. Now you can combine ‘Color Swatch’ and ‘Custom Option Swatches’ to present all product options using thumbnails.

If you are interested to see ‘Custom options swatches’ extension in action please visits our demo site:

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