Color Swatch compatibility with iPhone, iPad and other touch devices

Color Swatch compatibility with iPhone, iPad and other touch devices

Not too long ago, computers were the main electronic device for browsing the internet, however that is in the past and now  a significant number of customers use tablets or mobile phones to browse the internet. Due to the changes in technology,  it is mandatory for your Magento store to have a responsive design, that way it can be accessed on  a wide variety of devices. Besides having a website that  looks good, it is important that the functionality of the store is preserved and that users can purchase goods using their mobile devices without any problems.

The Color Swatch Extension allows your customers to preview the ‘swatch thumbnails’ instead of Magento’s default drop-down selection. This is quite convenient when a list of options is too long and requires scrolling on smaller screens or there is more than one attribute that the user need to select. With The Color Swatch Extension that would not be an issue since all options will be set and properly aligned, matching perfectly to your screen size. This allows users to preview and easily make a selection for the product options. Besides offering a  responsive layout that fit almost any responsive theme, we also extended the functionality of the extension to work well on touch devices.

The main issue with touch devices is that they don’t have ‘click’ and ‘hover’ events (those events are related to pointer and mouse), instead they have events related to touch screen (like touch, tap and similar). The Color Swatch extension is extended to recognize the device that is being used and adjust it’s code according to that. Users will be able to navigate product options, select swatches or open ‘info popup’ box without any issues.
For all of our customers who already have a previous version of our extension, there is free upgrade to enable full compatibility of Color Swatch and touch devices.

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