Why Buy Swatches from ExtensionsMall? Here is the Answer

Why buy swatches extension from ExtensionsMall and not from someone else? Here is the answer

By now, everyone who has had an interest in Magento and Swatches as one of the most successful tools for improving the overall appearance and customer experience must have seen a number of swatches by different web development companies. If you go to Magento Connect and search for “Swatch” you get 33 extensions, a number of which were made by ExtensionsMall. So, why buy from us? Stay with us and we will show you.

Outstanding Efficiency

First of all, extensions made by ExtensionsMall are highly efficient. This means they have multiple functionalities so that you do not need a new extension for each one of these. Color Swatch, for example includes possibilities the list of which can be found here.
The options listed her basically mean you get to have as many images as you like for each of the attributes, while some other extensions have the number of these limited to one. You can also have as many attributes as you like-color, size, manufacturer… The price changes with each swatch selection to the one set by you. You can also put additional details about the swatch selection in a pop-up box that can be set to appear upon hovering on the swatch image. Needless to say, it shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products.

This one is enough to start with but you can combine functionalities of our different extensions if you need something more powerful. For example we have a Zoom extension on offer. For those who need only Zoom, it offers the possibility to chose from three different zoom types, it enables switching between multiple product images via enhanced more view functionality (this means that upon clicking one of the more views images, the main image changes without opening a pop-up window) and enables you to set up zoom box size and position in administration. These are the most important characteristics, and a full list can be found on our website. If you need both color Swatch and Zoom immediately, you can buy them combined under  the name Color Swatch with Zoom.
Product List and Detail Page Swatches enables you to have all Swatch options on your Product list page as well, and if you want a Zoom option with it, just visit the page Product List and Detail Page Swatches with Zoom . And if you want your custom options to look much better and be easier to use add Custom Option Swatches to your website.

Free and Effective Support

You get a free support which lasts for three month after your purchase. Our Magento Team is at your disposal for everything you need and you can turn to us in case anything goes wrong. The best way for you to get help from us is to submit a ticket. At any time you can access the knowledge base and see the answers to frequently asked questions and articles. You can also see the tickets you previously submitted.
You can also contact us through our contact form.
The abundance of tutorials and documentation explaining the installation and use of our extensions is available to you 24/7 on our website.

Excellent Customer Reviews

As you may have seen we have excellent reviews from our customers. Those are the best indicators of quality and the best proof we can provide for you.

“Perfect extension and very helpful and impeccable support. I´m a difficult client, but ExtensionsMall always keep cool I say thousand thank and can recommend this extension or rather this Developer”
Thanks Brigitte

“This extension worked exactly how it is described with a simple installation in Magento ver. The customer support provided by the developers of this extension was incredibly pro-active and helpful. I rate this extension as well as the experience a 10/10.”
Aaron S

“I was really impressed with the support and the quality of this extension, works with CloudZoom and probably with others extensions as well, and they have my vote for sure. We highly recommend this extension – 10/10”
Mike M.

“This extension is just fantastic. I had some issues with the installation and Sasha helped out tremendously. Great guy and great extension. I’ve never had a smoother installation process and a greater support from a developer. As the other reviewers already stated, he responds to e-mails lightning quick. I’m definitely going to go with these guys when I needed some development work done. As they say on eBay: Would buy again! A++++++!!!”
Anton B

If you’re still not convinced (which is practically impossible, but let’s assume) you can contact us and ask us virtually anything related to our business. You will get the answer astoundingly quickly.

We love what we do, and so do you. Let’s help each other be successful.

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