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Best Magento Extensions



Since many of the Magento store owners need help in finding extensions for their Magento shops, we’ve decided to help them with their search. First of all, we would like to recommend three extensions of or own, which are irreplaceable if you want your customers to see all that you have to offer. Those are:

COLOR SWATCH FOR MAGENTO – Magento Color Swatch is an extension for configurable products that gives you an opportunity to show to customers how your product looks like in different colors, patterns or designs.

COLOR SWATCH WITH ZOOM – With Magento Color Swatch with ZOOM you can enable/disable zoom from admin pages as well as customize the look and feel of products in your on-line Magento store. Our script is not based on jQuery or Prototype script so you do not need to install any additional scripts or plugins.

PRODUCT LIST SWATCHES – With this new addon, your clients will be able to select the product options directly on your product list page, and see the live preview image of the product right away. They’ll even be able to zoom in the product image right on the product listings page. Product listing swatches work great in both Grid and List mode, thereby allowing you and your clients more flexibility in design and layout of your product listings page.

Since we’ve seen that there are some other very popular extensions, we checked them out and concluded we should mention them as a help to everyone searching for suitable extensions. Here they are:

Fooman Speedster – Speed up your store by combining, compressing and caching JS and CSS.

Blog – Community Edition – The Blog extension from aheadWorks is reckoned among the best buzz and word of mouth marketing tips. It not only provides your regular customers with up-to-date information but brings additional visitors to your site, builds relevant SEO-friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building a sales strategy.

Fontis WYSIWYG Editor – This extension gives you the option to add a JavaScript WYSIWYG editor to specified admin page text areas.

YALC – Yet Another Live Chat – This module was designed as an alternative to Magento Live Chat module. This module will help you integrate your Magento store with Google Talk.

Working on SEO optimization of a Magento store can prove complicated. These extensions will help you manage the SEO optimization of your store.

Ultimate SEO Suite – If your site has similar or even identical content accessible through multiple URLs, it can seriously hurt your website page rankings. To avoid such unwanted problem, use the Ultimate SEO Suite extension which adds canonical links to the head of each product page. Thus search engines will know the preferred URL that the duplicate content refers to.

SEO Suite Enterprise – SEO Suite Enterprise Magento extension has been designed to bring all SEO features necessary for successful search engine promotion (SEP) of the Magento web stores on the market. Among the main features are store view independent Product URL Keys and Meta Titles based on templates, fine tuning of the Canonical URL and Robots Meta tags. It also transforms all Product Tag URLs and RSS Feed URLs into search engine and user friendly URLs, e.g. instead of default Magento

XML Feed Export – Module XML Feed Export allows you to export products from your catalogue to XML/CSV file in the appropriate format for different search engines (more then 80 engines supported!). It is possible to create arbitrary amount of profiles, each of them can be attached to a type of export, category and products, file name and also generating frequency.

We have only just begun to build our collection of extensions for you, intended to make your life easier. Although we only have developed three extensions insofar, we are planning to develop more. Soon, you’ll be notified about our poll we will use to see which extensions would you like for us to develop. We will ask you, because our customers wishes always come first.

Thanks for reading our blog!

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