Advanced Search Suggests - Overview & Installation

Advanced Search Suggests – Overview & Installation

Overview and Installation

This tutorial document describes the basic requirements of Magento Advanced Search Suggests extension and offers a step by step guide for installing and using the Magento Advanced Search Suggests extension on a Magento website.


Magento Advanced Search Suggests extension is encoded via ionCube (

In order to run the extension, you must have ionCube loader ( installed on your web server. For more information about the ionCube loaders, please visit their website or contact your webmaster.


The installation process consists of extracting the plug-in files from the archive somewhere on your local computer or web server (we will send you an extension as zip file that contains the extension files in the needed folder structure) and copying them to the root folder of your Magento website. If you are using custom theme extension files should be copied into theme folder as well (layout, template and skin files).

Key Features

  • Visually enhance Magento default search form
  • AJAX based content delivery without leaving or refreshing page (with built in loading animation)
  • Offers suggested terms, making search of site easier
  • Offers suggested products
  • Show product details such are product image, description, price (additional info can be added easily)
  • Direct link to product details page
  • Allows customers to buy directly from search form
  • Advanced administration options allow you to fine tune frontend style
  • Easy theme integration and compatibility with popular themes
  • Increased conversion rate  trough ‘quick buy’ option
  • Highly customizable with open source templates

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