Video Swatch

Video Swatch

Our Video Swatch extension for Magento is designed to extend our regular Swatches functionality, and allow you to show a video of your product as well as images.  Give your Customers the option to see how your product looks like in all available choices, represented both with product images and a video of a product, and let your Customers switch freely between images and a video.

Price: $89
Magento Enterprise Edition: $219


Just as you can assign different images to the simple products that represent options of your configurable product on your Magento store, now you can assign a different video on each of those simple products too.

By using our Video Swatch extension you can represent the available product options as swatch images ( size ,color , brand, any magento attribute that you have on your configurable product ). Once the user click on a certain swatch, the main image and more view images get updated to show how the product will look like in that particular selection.

The video of a product also becomes available in the more view thumbs section, and by clicking on the more view thumbs, the main image gets updated and shows detailed image, or a video of a product.
Be sure to take a look at the screenshots to see how it looks like, and try it out on a live Magento website by clicking on the view demo link above.


  • shows your product attribute options as swatches on configurable products
  • changes the product images and prices as well as the more views images depending on the swatch selection and adds the product video to the more views section
  • gives you the option to upload different swatch images and video for your attribute options
  • can be applied to multiple attributes on a single product
  • swatch image size and video size is configurable via magento administration
  • 99% Open Source


  • Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • Configuration required by the Video Swatch extension is the same as standard configuration of configurable products in Magento.
  • This software requires ionCube loader to be installed. Concerned about ionCube? Read this!

- Our extensions are 99% OPEN SOURCE so that you can customize extensions in any way. There is ONLY one file using ionCube - file for licensing. We must protect our extensions somehow.

- Other companies might have 100% open source extensions. However, to protect their software, they use separate extension that you need to install. This extension is used to connect to their servers to check for license, once or every time you login to administration. Further more, they send advertising in the Magento back end, which we belive might be very annoying sometimes!

- Since we use ONLY one small file with ionCube, there is NO PERFORMANCE ISSUE. Your pages will load at the same speed as without ionCube.

- Every hosting company have ionCube installed by default, so you wont have issues on live site.

Our Video Swatch Extension is also available on Magento Connect. Please be sure to take a look at the reviews for our Video Swatch extension on Magento Connect and see what our Customers had to say about our extensions for Magento.


Frontend Screenshots

  • Video Swatch on a Product Details Page
  • Video Swatch on a Product Details Page
  • Video Swatch on a Product Details Page
  • Video Swatch on a Product Details Page

Admin Screenshots

  • Video Swatch Admin Options
  • Video Swatch Admin Options
  • Video Swatch Admin Options
  • Video Swatch Admin Options
  • Video Swatch Admin Options


  • Video Swatch Extension Tutorial Document Online
  • Video Swatch Extension Tutorial Document Pdf