Product File Attachments Magento Extension

Product File Attachments

Product File Attachments Extension allows you to attach various types of downloadable files to products on your Magento store. Attach any follow up document related to your product that you’d like your Clients to see and download. Anything from a product brochure, product manual, product tech specs document, prices list or any other document that you have related to your product.

Price: $39
Magento Enterprise Edition: $99


With Product File Attachments extension you get extended Magento functionality to upload various types of files to your Magento backend, and attach those files to your Magento store products, so that you Customers can download and browse them. The extension adds separate tab in Magento backend, for uploading and managing the file attachments on each of your Mangeto products.

You can set the title, description and ordering in which the file attachments are shown for each of your Magento products separately. You can also “lock” the file attachments, so that only registered users of your Magento store can download them.

The product file attachments show up as separate tab on your public product details page, showing the file attachment icon, title and description as well as the size of the file attachment to your Customers.

The Product File Attachments extension also supports multiple stores and multiple languages Magento functionality. You can upload different file attachments available for different languages or different stores on the same magneto product with ease. Alternatively, you can enter set different file attachment label and description for different languages available on your Magento store, as you would with any standard Magento’s multiple store/multiple language functionality available on Magento backend.



  • easy upload and attach backend functionality
  • upload multiple files at once
  • set file attachment label, description and order in backend
  • full Magento multiple language / multiple stores functionality support
  • optional download restriction to registered users / per file attachment available in backend
  • separate file downloads tab area on product details / easy to style and customize
  • set of default file attachment icons available with extension
  • you can customize the file attachment icons by uploading your file icons to a special folder
  • 99% Open Source


  • Compatible with Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4, Magento 1.5, Magento 1.6, Magento 1.7, Magento 1.8, Magento 1.9
  • Available on all Magento Products / Product Types
  • This software requires ionCube loader to be installed. Concerned about ionCube? Read this!

- Our extensions are 99% OPEN SOURCE so that you can customize extensions in any way. There is ONLY one file using ionCube - file for licensing. We must protect our extensions somehow.

- Other companies might have 100% open source extensions. However, to protect their software, they use separate extension that you need to install. This extension is used to connect to their servers to check for license, once or every time you login to administration. Further more, they send advertising in the Magento back end, which we belive might be very annoying sometimes!

- Since we use ONLY one small file with ionCube, there is NO PERFORMANCE ISSUE. Your pages will load at the same speed as without ionCube.

- Every hosting company have ionCube installed by default, so you wont have issues on live site.

Our Product File Attachments Magento Extension is also available on Magento Connect. Please be sure to take a look at the reviews for our Product File Attachments extension on Magento Connect and see what our Customers had to say about our Magento Extensions.


Frontend Screenshots

  • File Attachments in a separate Tab on Product Details Page

Admin Screenshots

  • File Attachments / Documents Tab on Edit Product in Magento backend
  • Select and upload multiple file attachments in Magento backend
  • Multiple file attachments upload in Magento backend
  • Set label , description and ordering for each file attachment in Magento backend.


  • Product File Attachments Online Tutorial
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